Multinational Commercial Property Loss Notice
Completion of this form and forwarding any requested documents will expedite the handling of your claims
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I. Preparer Information

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II. Insured Information

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III. Loss Information

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IV. Producer Information

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V. E-Mail Instructions:

All receipts, police reports, and/or other relevant documents/photographs should be faxed without delay using the fax number shown below. Or, if available in electronic format, please click here to attach to an e-mail.  Please include the Insured Name, Policy Number, and Date of Loss in the Email.  Retain all originals as they may be requested. 

Once you have completed this form and e-mailed electronic documentation, press the 'Submit Loss For Review' button.

Fax Numbers:      
From US and Canada: 1-877-200-5202    
From All Other Countries: See Dialing Instructions  

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